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March 4, 2019 


Advanced 360 Virtual Tour Platform as a Service




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Today Techolution launched {betherenow}, a revolutionary new way to bridge the gap between digital and physical for clients interested in retail, real estate, education, medical, and more.  Techolution’s BeThereNow solves a pain point that has plagued the industry for years – virtual tours have existed, but they required expensive equipment, trained professionals, and excessive time to get to market.  The BeThereNow platform was created as a drag and drop solution that turns anyone who can post to Instagram into a full production team with just a tap on the screen or a click or the mouse.

Within industries like real estate and automotive, selling can only be done during local business hours.  BeThereNow allows you to showcase your best sales pitch online 24/7 at a fraction of the effort, cost, and time compared to the typical sales process - allowing you to sell a lot more with a smaller sales team. Nic Loubser, Chief Marketing Officer of IOTEC, says “This changes the way we engage with our clients and has increased our sales conversions in the first quarter since using it.”

Jason Troxel, Managing Director of Product and Innovation at Techolution, said, “The magic sauce is that it’s so easy to use, the applications of BeThereNow are so incredible! Think of a classroom in America using BeThereNow to put students in Africa inside the classroom – and being able to hear the lectures, pan around the room to see the people talking and the questions being asked; it changes the way we think about the differences between “live” versus “recorded” – and that makes this a game-changer!”

BeThereNow is a full product service; we support photos, videos, audio voice-overs, deep linking, music integration, in one or multiple rooms for clients.  The finished product can be automated into a ‘click-to-play’ guided tour, or as a choose your own adventure exploration.  With BeThereNow your clients can engage as quickly or spend as much time as is appropriate for their needs.  When they ask you questions, you can answer once for all future clients by quickly adding that additional information to your BeThereNow presentation.  It’s really that easy!

BeThereNow is built with cutting-edge technologies and is hosted on the cloud, it can also be hosted by Techolution immediately or can be integrated into a company’s website, natively.  Unlike competitors’ solutions that require equipment costing thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, the camera equipment we recommend is readily available on Amazon and is cheaper than a cell phone to purchase. Instead of requiring a team of trained professionals, with our mobile first development, the entire presentation can be created on either iOS or Android devices and can be published within minutes of completion. For those who prefer desktop – we support that, too!

BeThereNow is available today; interested parties can learn more (including tours of the product) at our official BeThereNow site or by email at

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